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There are two types of links you can insert (an image link or a text link) and these links can be created in your message a number of different ways for a number of different purposes such as; to take a recipient to an external webpage such as your company website, to take the recipient to a registration or survey form, and to allow the recipient to download a document such as a product brochure - just to name a few.

This article steps through all the different types of links you can insert so to help you decide what type of link will suit your requirements. Here is a list of the links we will be covering (click to skip ahead):

A Text or Image Link in a paragraph component

These types of links would be used if you wish to add a link in the body of your text or if you wish to insert a button in the text area.

To insert a link in your message:

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Select your message and choose 'Edit' from the Actions menu.
  3. Once you have accessed the message editor, you will then need to highlight the text or image that you would like to use for your link. If highlighting an image like a 'learn more' button, just click it once to highlight it blue.
  4. When the item is highlighted, click the 'Insert Link' icon from the floating tool bar.


  5. Once you have clicked the 'Insert Link' icon, the link overlay will appear. From here, you can select from the left which type of link you want to insert. You can then choose the details of the link and click the 'Insert' button.


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The Web Links Component

The weblinks component allows you to add some navigational links (or any type of link) to your email messages. The weblinks component is traditionally added above or below your header in your email message. 

To create a weblinks section in your message:

  1. Drag a weblinks component onto your message from the 'Content' section of the message editor.


  2. Then select the component once and the settings will open up on the right of the screen.


  3. Then click onto the chain icon to the right of the link name to insert the link.
  4. Then click once over the link name and you will be able to type in your own custom link name. 

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Create a Custom View Online Link

If you wish to provide a means for your readers to view your message online, it is as easy as adding the View Online Component from the content tab to your message (if it is not already there by default). By adding the component it will automatically link to the online version of the message.


If you would prefer to customise your own view online link, you can by following these simple instructions:

  1. Edit the message in question.
  2. Add a 'Text Box' to your message in the position required.
  3. Type in the custom text you wish to use eg. "Having troubles viewing this email? Please click here to view online".
  4. Highlight the text you wish linked.
  5. Click the 'Insert Link' button on the edit toolbar.
  6. Select to Link to the 'View Email Online' option from the drop down list.
  7. Click 'Open in a new window'.
  8. Click 'Insert Link'.


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Adding an Image Link on an Image Component

To place a link on an image sitting in an Image Component:

  1. Edit the message in question.
  2. Click once onto the Image Component containing the image - this will open up the settings on the right for this component.
  3. Click the image of the chain beside the image settings - this will open up a new window.
  4. From here you can link to an external webpage, an email message, an email address, an uploaded file or image, the view online version of your message, or a form.


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A Paragraph’s Call to Action Link

If the email message you are creating has a lot of content, it can become overwhelming to your readers.

By adding in Read More Links or Call to Action Links, you can add a snippet of your newsletter article to your message and link to the bulk of the content hosted in another location. Your reader would then read the snippet of the article you provide and if they find it of value / interest to them, they will click the link and be redirected to the additional content.

Like all links when clicked you will receive reporting on who clicked to read more on the particular topic which may come in handy if you wish to personalise the content of your messages to your readers to only display content that may be of interest to them.

To set up a Call to Action link on a paragraph component:

  1. Click once onto the Paragraph Component you want to add this to - this will open up the Paragraph Settings on the right.
  2. Find the Call to Action Link settings on the right and switch to 'ON'.


  3. Click 'Select Link' - a new window will open up.
  4. From here you can set what you wish to link to.


  5. After you have added a link into this location you can then format this as required.


Please note: If you wish to turn off the Call to Action link in the Paragraph as you have no requirements for it, simply move the switch to off, in the call to action link section on the right.

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An Image Link on a Paragraph’s Image

A Paragraph's Image is the image place holder that appears inside of the Paragraph component. Not to be confused with a text area image which is when an image is inserted in a text area of a Paragraph Component.

To turn a Paragraph's Image on:

  1. Click the paragraph component once to access the settings on the right.
  2. Then select 'ON'.


  3. Once you have inserted your paragraph image in you can insert a link on this by clicking the image of a chain found to the right of this.

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A link to a form from an email message

There are many things that you can do with a form and in some cases you might like to send an email out that has a link to a form. Some examples of the types of forms you can create in the system and link inside of your email messages are listed below:

  • Subscribe Forms
  • Unsubscribe Forms
  • Update Profile Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • RSVP Forms

To link to a form in your Email Message:

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Select the message in question and click 'Edit' on the right.
  3. Type in the Text you want linked or add the button / image you want linked.
  4. Highlight the item to link.
  5. Click the insert 'Link' button on the edit toolbar. A new window will open.


  6. Select 'Web Forms' on the left.
  7. Using the drop down selection for 'Link To' select the type of form you wish to link to.


    You can choose from:

      • Form for the Subscribe Form option
      • Update Profile Form
      • Unsubscribe Form
      • Confirm Subscription Page (for Double Opt-in process)

  8. Using the drop down selection for 'List' select the list that you created this form in (usually the same list as you are sending the email to).
  9. Using the drop down selection for 'Form Style' select the form you created.
  10. Give this link a 'Name' so it is easily identifiable in your Reports.
  11. Click 'Open in a new window' if you do not want the reader to navigate away from the email when they click the link.
  12. Click 'Insert Link' and 'Save' your changes to the email message.

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Inserting Social Links in a message

You can add social links within your message to allow your recipients to share the message on their own social accounts, or to allow the recipients to connect with your business on social media. Here is how:

If you'd like to add social buttons like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat or Google Plus, check out our article on how to add these buttons to your email.

To add links which allow the recipients to share your message with their own social network:

  1. Edit your message.
  2. Place your cursor in your message, where you would like the social icon to appear.
  3. Click the 'Insert Link' icon from the floating tool bar.
  4. Choose 'Social Sharing' from the left of the window.
  5. Select the type of social icon (e.g. Facebook).
  6. Select the icon you would like to use.
  7. Click 'Insert Link' button.


To add a link that allows the recipient to go to your social media business account:

  1. Edit your message.
  2. Place your cursor in your message, where you would like the social icon to appear.
  3. Click the 'Insert Link' icon from the floating tool bar.
  4. Choose 'Social Sharing' from the left of the window.
  5. Select the type of social icon (e.g. Facebook).
  6. Select the icon you would like to use.
  7. Click 'Insert Link' button.
  8. Once the icon is inserted, click the icon once in your message to select it.
  9. Click the 'Insert Link' icon again.
  10. Ensure you are in the 'Web Link' section.
  11. Insert the URL of your business social page.
  12. Click 'Insert Link'.


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Inserting a mail to link in a message

A mailto link is a link in your message that once clicked takes the recipient straight through to the email client on their computer / device so that they can send an email through to that email address.

Although these types of links do not have very good compatibility across email clients and do not provide any tracking or reporting statistics, these links are still commonly used in many email messages.

Here is how to insert a mailto link in your message:

  1. Type an email address into the body of your message where required
  2. Highlight the email address and click the insert link button on the toolbar
  3. In the Insert Link window, set the 'Link To' drop down option to 'Email Address'
  4. In the email address field type in the address you wish to send the email to
  5. In the 'Optional Subject' field, type in the subject you want the message to send with
  6. Give the link a name
  7. Click 'Insert Link'


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