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Access Levels will allow you to set predetermined access levels for each user in a simple and quick manner. This article will detail the specific access of each user level, along with adding, editing and deleting users.

Please note:

  • Only users with current access to the 'Users' screen will be able to update the Access level.
  • You are unable to change the Access Level of the account owner, this user will now appear in the User list with Owner as their status.
  • Accounts with only one user will automatically be set to Owner, with Full Access.

1. Access Levels

2. Inviting a User

3. Editing a User

4. Deleting a User

5. API Keys & Access Levels

Access Levels

Below is the list of Access Levels, the Owner is automatically assigned full access. Access works in a cascading effect, so any access granted to a lower permission is also available to permissions above it.


This is the owner of the account, only the owner can transfer or delete the account.

Please note: You can only transfer ownership to an existing user.

Breakdown of Access:

  • Account Status
    • Delete Account
  • Transfer account ownership

Full Access:

This user has full access to all features of the account, including the ability to add additional users, pause the account and change account settings. Only a Full Access user or owner can create API keys and setup integrations.

Breakdown of Access:

  • Account options:
    • Users - Assign access, create & edit users
    • History - Usage/Payment History/Invoices
    • Data Download
    • Branding - Virtual Host/Branding/Custom Domains
    • Deliverability
    • Account Security - if enabled, see here for more information
    • Labs
  • Account Status
    • Pause Account
  • Integrations & API Keys (including API access levels)
  • All features available in Standard Access

Standard Access:

This user has the ability to use all of the features of the account, but has no access to change account settings. Lists, forms, Automations, SMS and Messages can all be created and sent by a Standard Access user. 

Breakdown of Access:

  • Account options:
    • History - Event History
  • Lists & Forms
    • New Lists
  • Contacts
    • Contacts - Upload Contacts/Add Contact
    • Unsubscribers/Duplicates/Bounces/Block Lists
  • Messages
    • Quick SMS
    • Message & SMS Sends
  • Automation & Advanced Automation
  • Reports
    • Automation Reports
  • All features available in Limited Access

Limited Access:

This user has the ability to design and create forms, design messages and templates but not complete a send or view contacts. Limited Access users are able to send up to 10 test messages per hour for review and testing purposes.

Breakdown of Access:

  • Lists and Forms
    • View lists
    • View, create & edit forms
  • Messages
    • Create, edit & delete email messages & SMS
    • Create & edit templates
    • Send up to 10 test emails per hour
  • Email Inbox Tests - via Litmus
  • Files & Images
  • Search
  • All features available in Report Access

Report Access:

This access level can review report details but not specific contact information. They can make a payment and can access the Account overview data.

Breakdown of Access:

  • Reports
    • Current Sends
    • Send Reports
  • Account
    • Overview
    • Details
    • Make a Payment
    • Buy SMS Credits
    • Buy Email Test Credits
  • Provide Feedback


Invite a User

Please note:

  • You will need to transfer to Access Levels before you can complete the following. If you are still using User Restrictions see here.


To add a new user, navigate to the Users screen under Account settings, and click Invite.


Enter the email and details of your new user, select the Access Level and click 'Invite'. A notification screen will be displayed with the option to 'Set Message Limits'. This will allow you to allocate the send limit of email messages, SMS and inbox test limit for this user per month.

Editing a User


To edit a User, navigate to the Users screen under Account settings, find the User and use the options button (more_1x__1_.png) to select 'Edit'.

Use this dialogue to update User details, change their Access Level or Time Zone. You are also able to change the Message Limits for this user from this window.

Deleting a User


To delete a User, navigate to the Users screen under Account settings, find the User and use the options button (more_1x__1_.png) to select 'Delete'.

A prompt will display confirming this action. Deleting a user will immediately remove access to the account.

Please note: You are able to re-invite deleted users in the future.

API Keys & Access Levels


API Keys can be accessed through the Integrations screen, use the 'Create API Key' button to add a key.


Create a name for your API key and select an Access Level, this will affect the access this key has. You can view the restrictions of the Access Levels here.

You are only able to create an API key equivalent to your access level or below, eg a Limited Access user cannot create a Full Access API key.

Please Note: API Keys are only displayed in full when they are first created, you are unable to view this key after this point.  Be sure to record the key securely when it is first displayed.

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