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Forms can be used for almost any purpose of collecting data such as: a subscribe form, survey form, RSVP form, update profile form, unsubscribe form, etc.

Once a list has been created you will find 4 default forms automatically created against that list:

  • subscribe form - which functions as a means of collecting data. This type of form can also be used for many other purposes such as a survey or RSVP

  • send to friend form - which functions just like the ‘Forward’ button in an inbox except you receive basic reporting on who the message was sent to

  • update profile form - which functions as a means of adding or editing data you already have. This form can also be used when sending a survey to contacts you already have to update the new data against

  • unsubscribe form - which like the send to friend, only has one purpose which is to flag the contact that fills in the form as unsubscribed

You can also add in and delete as many forms as you wish in the lists. For further information on adding new forms, please refer the article called 'Adding a new Form / update profile / survey to a list'.

For further information please see our Overview Video below:

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