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This article outlines how to import HTML from a zip file into the email marketing system. 

  1. Log into the email marketing account

  2. Go to Messages from the top navigation bar

  3. Click New Message from the options on the left

  4. The template selection screen will appear - from the options at the bottom of that screen, choose 'Create HTML Only Email'


  5. When the editor loads, click the small blue HTML icon from the toolbar at the top


  6. Now, open your zip file and double click on the file called 'Index' (or whichever is your HTML file)

  7. When the file has opened in your internet browser, right click somewhere around the email content

  8. Choose the option that says 'View Page Source'

  9. Copy all of the code (Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C)

  10. Go back to your email marketing account where you have the HTML window open in your email editor from step 5 above

  11. Paste in the code you just copied (Ctrl + V)

  12. Click the green 'Update' button

  13. Now you'll have the email in your editor, with blank spaces for the images

  14. Click once on the area where the hero / header image goes - this will select the area

  15. Now click the Image icon from the toolbar at the top of the email editor (this is the icon on the top row at the far right)


  16. From the window that opens, click the Change File option next to the save button - this opens the file manager

  17. Click the green Upload button at the bottom of the file manager

  18. Browse for the files in the 'Image' folder of your Zip file, or drag and drop them in to upload them

  19. Once the images are uploaded, click on the Hero image file from the file manager

  20. This should open the hero image in the preview window - click the green Insert button

  21. Repeat this process for the footer image and any other images in your email

  22. Update necessary information in the body of the email by typing directly in the required areas

  23. Save your email

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