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Conditional Content allows you to display only the content of interest to your contacts, depending on data that they have listed against their contact record.

An example of this might be emails from a fashion website where the gender of the recipient determines what type of fashion offers are displayed to them in the email. Females would receive information about women's fashion, and men would receive information about men's fashion.

The beauty of conditional content is that it allows you to do all of this within one email message. So instead of creating a separate message and separate sends to each demographic on your contact list, you can do it all in one message and only send the message once.

Please note that for conditional content to work correctly and efficiently, you must have the relevant contact data in your contact list prior to sending your message. For those contacts who may not have any data selected, you can always choose a fall-back option which will be suitable no matter who the target audience is. If you are not sure what to use for your fall-back, the default setting can be helpful here!

This article will step through some important information on inserting conditional content and it's limitations. Here is what we will be covering (click to skip ahead):

Using conditional content on entire components

  1. Access edit mode for your message
  2. Select the component that you would like to apply conditions to make conditional
  3. Hover over the component and click Edit Text

  4. Select all text and remove it - in this example, if we don't have any gender information on the customer we don't want to show any information in this section of the message
  5. Hover over the component and click Settings
  6. From the right settings panel, expand the Conditions section
  7. Click the 'Add Conditions' button
  8. We will first add the content for the contacts who have selected Female as their gender - so the criteria you choose should be: Gender - Includes any - Female
  9. Click OK


  10. Once your condition is added, you can now populate the component with the content for your female contacts


  11. When you have the content for your first condition set up, click the Default condition again on the settings panel


  12. Click the Add Conditions button again
  13. Set up the criteria for your next condition - in this example we will set up the content for our contacts who have selected Male for gender. So the criteria we use is: Gender - Includes any - Male


  14. Click OK
  15. Once the male condition is set up you can populate the component with the content for the male contacts


  16. Save your message
  17. Once your message is saved, click Preview from the top right corner of the editor
  18. Test your conditions are set correctly by choosing the database and scrolling through the contacts - the conditions should swap as you scroll through


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Using conditional content on specific content within a component

You can also apply conditions to specific content (such as single words or lines of text) within your paragraphs by highlighting the content and then clicking the 'CC' conditional content icon from the floating tool bar. 

  1. Type all the content required into your component
  2. Highlight the first bit of content that you want to apply a conditional rule to
  3. Click the Insert Condition button from your tool bar

  4. Set up the criteria for your condition. In this example, we want to show this link to the men on our contact list, so the criteria we use is: Gender - Includes any - Male

  5. Repeat the steps above for your other conditions - highlight & apply conditional rules

  6. Save your email and test using steps 17 & 18 above

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Conditional content limits

Conditional content can be a very useful tool when wanting to customise the content of your emails to specific recipients.  However, users should be aware of the limitations of this feature, to avoid problems when sending their emails.

When using conditional content, in any type of email, there is a cap of 75 conditional content checks which cannot be exceeded.

When using the drag and drop editor in the system, individual components have a limit of 5 conditional content checks ie. on a paragraph or header component for example.

If these limits are exceeded, you will receive a warning and the email containing the conditional content will not be able to be sent.

These limits are in place to optimise the system's performance and make sure everything runs smoothly and quickly.

If a subscriber meets multiple criteria for a condition, the last condition is displayed.


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