Create an API Key for Integrations Follow

API Keys are necessary for integrating your account with other applications via Zapier. They are also required if you are going to use the API to build a custom integration.

How do I create an API Key?

To create an API Key for your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account and select the 'Integrations' menu on the left side
  2. Then select 'API Keys' from the top horizontal navigation bar


  3. Then click onto the 'Create API Key' button on the right side and give your API Key a name and press OK

  4. Copy the API key provided and save in a safe location (I used a Notepad document) ready for use in Zapier.

Once you've set up your API key in Zapier, there is no need to create any more keys as Zapier will remember the key you used for your account.


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