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As forms are purely a means of collecting data they can be used for many purposes to add or update data in a new or existing list in your account.

Some reasons why you might like to add a new form to a list are listed below:

  • As you can add more then one form type to a list, you might like to track how your contacts Subscribe or Updated their details by creating a different form for each location you wish to have this (eg. on your website, Facebook, or from an email).
  • To create a Survey or RSVP form either in a new list (to keep the data separate) or in an existing list (so to update the existing contact record with this data).

To create additional forms in an account there are two options:

  1. Adding a new form; or
  2. Saving an existing form as a new one.

To add a new form:

  1. Go to the 'Lists and Forms' menu.
  2. Select the appropriate list.
  3. Choose 'Edit Forms' from the actions menu.
  4. Click 'Add' from the top right of the form editor to add a new form.


  5. Choose the 'Form Type' from the drop down, give it a name, and click 'Add'.


  6. When the form is open, click 'Add New Fields' from the right of the screen and add your required fields.
  7. Once your fields are added, you can customise the look of the form if desired.
  8. 'Save' your form.

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To Save as New:

If you are happy with the design and fields of an existing form you can simply copy it by clicking the 'Copy This Form' button. This will create a new version of this existing form in the same list:


Once your form is ready to go you can upload / link this form to the location you require (eg. Online, Facebook, linked in an email)

For further information on how to set up a Form including adding the fields, editing the design, linking to a message, and collecting the results please feel free to refer to the article called 'Creating Surveys, RSVPs, and Collecting Results'

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