List Settings Follow

List settings allow you to set up email notifications when someone subscribes to your contact list, and it also allows to to access the SMS settings and other settings for the list (such as whether you want to allow duplicate contact records to be subscribed). 

To access List Settings

  1. Go to 'Lists and Forms'
  2. Select the folder your List is in
  3. Select the list you wish to edit, click edit on the far right side or from the actions menu.


  4. Once in the list, select the ‘Details’ link up the top.


This will open up your list settings area. In this location you can edit the settings for your list such as:

  • Rename the List

  • Select which folder you wish the list to be filed under

  • Select to Allow duplicates to sign up via the forms in this list

  • Select to Allow delivery to duplicate email addresses

  • Set up to be notified when someone subscribes, unsubscribes, or updates their records

  • Set up your SMS Settings on how responses are to be collected and what word will work for an sms unsubscribe




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