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We always recommend keeping your list up to date and removing those contacts who aren't engaging in your emails over an extended period of time. This will help improve your open rates and engagement rates for your email sends.

This article will step through how to identify and remove these sorts of inactive contacts from your lists (click to skip ahead):

  1. Search for inactive contacts
  2. Unsubscribe or Deactivate Inactive Contacts
  3. Flag your contacts with an active status

Search for inactive contacts

  1. Go to ‘Contacts’
  2. Use the list folders and list dropdown at the top of the screen to find the marketing list you want to search
  3. Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ icon (the magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the contacts table


  4. In the first drop down field, select ‘Date of last open’
  5. In the second drop down field, select ‘Before’
  6. From the date picker, choose the date that you sent out your last communication (or your communication before that if you want to search for the people who haven’t opened the last two emails)
  7. Click ‘Search’


In addition to this search, you can search for 'Date of last open' - is 'Empty' to show contacts who have never opened an email as well.


You can then either unsubscribe, deactivate, or flag these contacts for some specialised communication (if you want to try and re-engage them one last time).

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Unsubscribe or Deactivate Inactive Contacts

After your search, you will see a screen of contacts who are the inactive subscribers.

  1. Select all of the people in your search results (by ticking the top check box)
  2. From the Actions menu at the bottom of the screen, choose 'Unsubscribe' or 'Deactivate'
  3. Confirm the option to complete
  4. Optional: You may now want to select all again and choose 'Delete' from the Actions menu, to remove the inactive contacts from your list.

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Flag your contacts with an active status

If you'd like to try to re-engage your inactive contacts before removing them completely, you will need to flag them with an active status so you can search and send to the segment later on.

  1. After you search for the inactive contacts, click the Spreadsheet icon from the top right corner of the search results table


  2. Now click the Add Field button at the top of the spreadsheet


  3. Scroll down to the Custom Fields section and select the Dropdown Field

  4. Click the green ADD button
  5. Give your field a name and add the value you want to flag the contacts - in this example I've named the field 'Active Status' and used the value 'Inactive'

  6. Click the green SAVE button
  7. Now you'll be back at the spreadsheet - click in the first cell underneath the heading 'Active Status' and type the letter i. A drop down menu with your values should appear
  8. From the menu select 'Inactive'


  9. There should then be a small blue square in the bottom right corner of the cell you just populated - click this and pull it down to populate all the other contacts in the column

You have now given all of your disengaged contacts an Inactive rating, which you can use to send them a targeted communication to try and regain their interest.

If you would like to give your contacts an active rating so to target your inactive subscribers with a re-engagement campaign, please click here.

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