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In general, it's not a good idea to delete lists, because when you delete a list you will also lose all statistical information to do with the contacts in that list. However, from time to time you might want to delete a list.

For example, you might be merging your lists into a master list. Or you might want to delete a list because you were running a referral competition, and you've already sent one email to the referred contacts asking if they would like to subscribe, so you can no longer keep their details.

Deleting a list / database

  1. Go to 'Lists and Forms' in your account.
  2. Use the folder dropdown option up the top to select the folder the list is stored in.
  3. Select the list/s that you want to delete.
  4. From the Actions menu at the bottom of the page, choose 'Delete'.

Please note: Once a list is deleted, all contacts and forms will be removed from the system and any linking statistical data from your reports will be removed to.

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