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So you want to send an SMS to your list and view the report on the results? This article will explain the process of creating a message, and some important things about the 'from number' you choose to use.

Create a new SMS

  1. Select 'Messages' from the left
  2. Select 'New SMS' from the right


  3. Give the Message a name
  4. Choose the From number you wish to use
  5. Select the folder you wish this message to be saved in
  6. Create and then Save & Exit your SMS message



Choosing the 'From Number'

When creating your SMS message, you have 3 options to choose from to use as your From number:

  • From the systems number - responses to SMS messages can be viewed via 'Reports' in your account.
  • From your own mobile number - all responses will be sent to your mobile - they will not be available in system reports.
  • Text as 'From Number' (e.g. your company name) - no responses can be collected.


SMS Overview Video

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