Tracking how emails are opened Follow

The system will identify that a contact has opened an email, when either:

  1. Images within the email are viewed or downloaded (even within the preview pane of the email client, eg Outlook); or
  2. When a link within the email is clicked on (NB: Most links within Plain Text emails cannot be tracked)

Typically, many email clients (eg Outlook) can be configured to disable (not download) images within received emails, until the contact requests that images be downloaded. If the contact does not enable the display of images and if they do not click on any links, the system would not be able to detect that the contact opened the email.

To improve your Open rate it is generally recommended to double opt-in your contacts, play with the wording of your subject lines, and make sure your content is of value to your recipients.

For further information on issues that can affect the tracking of email open rates, please refer below:

  • Plain text emails - cannot be tracked
  • Viewing emails in preview pane - will only be tracked if images are downloaded
  • Checking emails offiline - images can't be downloaded
  • Multipart emails - plain text no, html yes
  • Firewalls - some can strip images
  • Proxy servers precache - shows all emails as opened
  • Preview pane/javascript - Will not execute Javascript
  • Email software/services incompatible with remote image loading
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