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All account payments are done via direct-debit on a credit card.

The date at which you first upgraded your account from a 'free account' to a paid account, marks the date of your monthly billing cycle.  Every month when this date comes around, your credit card will be charged for the next 30 days access.

How do the pricing brackets work?

Your monthly fee is based on the number of contacts you have stored in your account.  You can see the pricing structure by visiting the pricing page.

If you upload extra contacts into your account and go over your allowed limit for your current pricing bracket, the system will automatically move you up into the next pricing tier at midnight. At this point, your credit card will be charged for 30 days access and your billing cycle will now be set to this date.

If you're only partially through your 30 days access, the system will still do this.

If you remove contacts from your account and drop into a lower pricing tier, the system will detect this. When your billing cycle comes around, you will automatically dropped down in to the lower pricing tier and your card will be charged accordingly.

What if I upload new contacts, go into a higher pricing tier, send to them and then delete them before midnight?

If you do this, the system will detect that you have uploaded these contacts, sent to them and then deleted them.  Your card will be charged as if you had moved into the higher pricing tier and your billing cycle will be reset to that date.

What happens if my credit card payment fails?

If for whatever reason your credit card payment fails, the system will automatically restrict your account. While your account is restricted, you will not be able use it until the problem with the card has been rectified and the payment has been made.

What types of credit card do you accept?

  • American Express (Amex)
  • Mastercard
  • Visa 
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