How to send to countries in the European Union (EU) Follow

Ensure your GDPR compliance by sending to your EU subscribers

In light of the recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws in the EU, you might interested to learn how to send to your subscribers specifically affected by this regulation. 

When selecting which contacts you'd like to send to, select 'Advanced Selection'.

Then add a field and set it to 'Last Location'. If you wish to send to people in the EU, then you would set the rest of your condition to 'Is in', and 'European Union (EU)'


You can also run this advanced search conditions on your contact list outside of the send process. Click on the magnifying glass icon, and you will be taken to your advanced search screen.


The countries that are included in this group are as follows:

EU member states:

       'Austria' => 'AT',
       'Belgium' => 'BE',
       'Bulgaria' => 'BG',
       'Croatia' => 'HR',
       'Republic of Cyprus' => 'CY',
       'Czech Republic' => 'CZ',
       'Estonia' => 'EE',
       'Finland' => 'FI',
       'France' => 'FR',
       'Germany' => 'DE',
       'Greece' => 'GR',
       'Hungary' => 'HU',
       'Ireland' => 'IE',
       'Italy' => 'IT',
       'Latvia' => 'LV',
       'Lithuania' => 'LT',
       'Luxembourg' => 'LU',
       'Malta' => 'MT',
       'Netherlands' => 'NL',
       'Poland' => 'PL',
       'Portugal' => 'PT',
       'Romania' => 'RO',
       'Slovakia' => 'SK',
       'Slovenia' => 'SI',
       'Spain' => 'ES',
       'Sweden' => 'SE',
       'UK' => 'UK'

     EFTA member states:

       'Iceland' => 'IS',
       'Liechtenstein' => 'LI',
       'Norway' => 'NO',


      'Switzerland' => 'CH'

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