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Keep your account information up to date and opt in or out of marketing emails

If you need to change your account information if can easily be done from within your account, by first clicking the 'account' link in the upper right corner, then 'details' in the horizontal nav bar.



In here there are several tabs : 

  • Company Details
  • Owner Details
  • Payment Details


Each tab has information which can be changed / updated.


In the 'Owner Details' tab there is an option to 'Edit Profile' which will allow you to change your profile details.  Editing your profile allows you to change the name and email address associated with your profile.

Down the bottom of the 'Owner Details' tab there are check box options to manage social media posting permissions and opt in or out of emails from Vision6.


There is also an option to transfer account ownership to another party, however this is only available to the account owner.

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