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Maintain a database of contacts who want to hear from you

Having a clean list of contacts who are opted in to hear from you is best practice. It maximises your open rates and engagement with your recipients, boosts sales and builds a healthy sending reputation.

Running a re-consent campaign

Having your database re-consent to receiving an email from you is a great way to maintain a healthy and engaged audience.

What this involves is creating an email to send to all of your contacts, asking if they still want to hear from you.

To make things easy for you, in the announcements folder you'll find template ready for you to use to run your own re-consent campaign. All you'll need to do is update the logo, add your colours and update any text. The button is also already linked, however, if you're setting up your own template, we have instructions below to help you link to the right form.



In this email, there needs to be a link or a button that links to a web form. To set this link up, insert a button component, click it so it is selected, then look over on the right-hand side for the link options.


Click the chain link icon and select 'web forms' on the left


Then choose the type of web form you want to link to.


Click the green 'insert link' button and your link is now connected to your web form!

Learn how to make a dedicated consent form

After your re-consent campaign has been sent, the recipients can click the button in the message and choose their preference of content to receive.  You're then able to target specific demographics of recipients by their preferences, during the sending process.

When you go to send a message, opt for the 'advanced selection'


You have options to filter by whether or not consent has been given :


Consent History

You can view all the information regarding a individual contacts consent history.  To access this, click 'contacts' on the left side, choose a list and then double click on a contact in that list.

On the right hand side in the pop up dialogue there are options to both view that contacts list preferences and their consent history.


In the consent history section, you're able to view all information regarding that contacts consent by clicking the 'view' icon.


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