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Get more sales with automated abandoned cart emails

By capturing shopping carts that have been abandoned you can recover sales which otherwise might be lost. Abandoned cart automations work with the Shopify integration.

Note: It is recommended to disable any already existing abandoned cart automations that are set up in Shopify, to prevent shoppers from receiving double up abandoned cart emails.

If you have a Shopify store already integrated and connected to your account, you can access any existing automations for that shop with the 'view automations' button.


If you do not have any automations set up for that shop, you will be directed to the automations section where you can create them.


From here, click the blue 'New Automation' button in the upper right area.


Choose the 'Abandoned Cart' automation type and click 'create'


Click the drop down box and choose the Shopify store you want this automation to be for.


The system will setup a series of three reminder emails to go out at intervals of 1 hour, 1 day and 3 days.

If you want to edit the automation to customise anything, even the email that will be sent, you can click the 'edit' button on the right side.



Creating your own abandoned cart email

You may want to create your own email to be used in your abandoned cart emails instead of the templates that are used by default.

  1. Click messages on the right hand side, create a new message and make sure to include the 'Abandoned Cart' component: 


    Configure this component to your liking, once is added to the message, by checking the options in the right side pane.

    Save your message.

  2. Click 'Automation' on the left side and click create on the right side of the 'Abandoned Carts' option.  


    It will ask you to choose which Shopify shop you wish to work with.  Click the drop down box and select a store.

  3. Set up the automation according to which list the contacts are stored in, select the message you previously created and what time frame you want it sent out in.


Click the on / off switches to activate your automations.


Your abandoned cart email is now setup to send to contacts who leave the check out without completing the transaction.



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