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You may want to send a test email to yourself, your colleagues, your manager, or all of these people.  The purpose of this article is to detail the way in which you can send test emails.

Accessing The Test Menu

You can access the Test email menu from several areas of the system.  From inside the Message Editor the Test email menu is accessed by clicking the 'Test' button located in the top right corner.


It can also be accessed from the 'Campaign' menu.  


 And also from the Message Overview menu.


Sending a Test Message

You can type emails directly into the 'Recipients' box.  This will select contacts that are in your 'Test Contacts' list.  If a contact cannot be found with the address that is supplied, a contact will be created. Sending a message using this method will add [TEST] to your subject line, and allow you to hide these sends in your Reports list.

This method is good for quick testing.  However, if your message contacts conditional content or wildcards, those will not be able to be tested using the Test Contacts list (unless the appropriate fields exist in that list).  

By selecting the 'Search for Contacts' icon you can easily select contacts to send to from any of your lists.  


To easily test both conditional content and wildcards, have the addresses of you and your colleagues inside the list you wish to send your message to.  You can then select these contacts to send the test message to. 


When the message is received any conditional content and wildcards will be accurately displayed.  

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