Using Rounded Corners Follow

You are able to add rounded corners to almost every component in the message editor, this guide will outline using rounded corners, any limitations and the email clients that support them.

Using Rounded Corners

To add rounded corners you will first need to add, or edit an existing component. Depending on the component this option may appear in one or two areas. The Text/Paragraph component allow you to add rounded corners to the Title and Content sections. You can add separate values to each corner, or use the lock to set all corners as one value.


Please note:
Not all email clients support rounded corners, the following is a comprehensive list of supported clients:

Supported Clients
Desktop Clients
AOL Desktop error.png
Apple Mail 10 check.png
Outlook 2000-2003 error.png
Outlook 2007-2016 error.png
Outlook Express error.png
Outlook for Mac check.png
Postbox check.png
Thunderbird check.png
Windows 10 Mail error.png
Windows Live Mail error.png
Mobile Clients
Android 4.2.2 Mail check.png
Android 4.4.4 Mail check.png
AOL Alto Android app check.png
Blackberry check.png
Gmail Android App check.png
Gmail Android app IMAP check.png
Gmail iOS app check.png
Gmail mobile webmail check.png
Google Inbox iOS app check.png
iOS 10 Mail check.png
Outlook Android app check.png
Outlook iOS app check.png
Sparrow check.png
Windows Phone 8 Mail error.png
Yahoo! Mail Android App check.png
Yahoo! Mail iOS app check.png
AOL Mail check.png
G Suite check.png
Gmail check.png check.png
Yahoo! Mail check.png


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