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This article will explain what A/B testing is, and how you can use it in your campaigns.  


What is A/B testing in email marketing?

A/B testing is where you send two variations of the same message to a small section of your customers.  This is done in order to ascertain which variation will likely be engaged by your customers.    


How to set up A/B testing.  

Once you have created a message and click the 'Send' button you will have the option to set up an A/B test.

At the top of the send menu you will find a Subject section - it is in here that you can set up A/B testing.  

You can choose two different subject lines to run your A/B test.  For example you could test to see if your customers respond better to personalisation in the subject line.  




Note:  To insert wildcards into your subject line, click the plus icon to the right of the subject line.  

 Alternatively you could test different ways of saying the same thing.  For example:

Subject A:  Frebruary Sale on now!

Subject B:  Huge discounts all month!


The test metric for the AB testing is the open rate.  You can choose how long you wish run your A/B test for before you send the winning subject line to the rest of your list.  It is recommended that you run the test for a minimum of 4 hours. You can, however, run the test for as short as 1 hour.  




You can adjust your Test Size.  The default size for the A/B test is 20% of your list.  The remaining 80% will receive the winning subject line.  



Once you have sent your message you can choose to go directly to the report where you can monitor the progress of your A/B testing.  

If at any point you wish to select the winner and send the rest of your messages, you can by selecting the 'Manual Selection' button and choosing the winning subject line.  




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