Exciting updates to your account Follow

The next time you log into your account, you might notice a few subtle changes. We've been paving the way for some fantastic new features and product workflows. Updating the system design is the first step in bringing this to you.


The most notable change is that the account menu link has moved to the bottom left and is now part of the main menu. The system header has also been updated to be full width and the Hamburger menu has been removed. To collapse the left menu, click the << down the bottom.

A lot of work has gone into updating everything about the UI, so what else has changed?

We've taken a fine tooth comb and updated each and every one of our UI elements with a large focus on consistency. The consistency of colours, padding, fonts, and sizes. You'll note that the product looks neater and feels just a little bit nicer to use. We will be releasing a fantastic technical blog that will explain in detail the changes right down to the new UI grid system that we have developed.

This new UI framework paves the way for other exciting features to come.

Many of the workflows you're currently using are getting updated with a more structured linear process that will make things with much easier.

Here is a snapshot of upcoming improvements:

Message overview:


This is our newly developed message overview screen, a summary of the history relating to your message will be displayed here along with the user that performed the action.

Email send process:

We’ve also made some updates to our send process that will make it easier and quicker to create a campaign. Along with A/B testing, all sending options are now displayed on the one page, this includes contact selection, scheduling and social updates. Navigating away from the campaign screen will not reset your preferences for this message, this includes logging out or jumping in to make a few edits.

Reporting interface:

Lastly, we've made some changes to our Reporting screen to get the most important information to you quickly and clearly. 

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