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You may have need to stagger a message send to your list.  The following steps will assist you in this endeavour.  


1. Click lists and forms on the left side, then select the list you are wanting to send the message to and click the 'View Contacts' button.




2.  Click the 'table settings' icon and click the 'contact ID' checkbox if it is not active.  Click 'Save'




3.  Click the 'Contact ID' heading (this will order your contacts by ID).  Make note of the first contact ID (in this example the list starts at 1, but that may not be the case for your list).  




4.  Decide how many groups you would like to split your contacts into (for this example I will use four groups consisting of 30,000 contacts each).  

5.  When you send the message click 'Search for Contacts' then select 'Advanced Search'.  




6.  In the 'Advanced Search' select contact ID > Less than > 30001 (this will give you a range of 1 - 30,000).

Note:  You could save these searches if you will be staggering your sends regularly.  Also note that this may not give you exactly 30,000 contacts in the search as the contact ID range may be missing some numbers.  It will get you close though.  




7.  After clicking 'Search', on the next page, select the 'Scheduling' tab and set the date and time to whatever you desire.  

Note:  each time you do this step, you should increase the time by x amount (e.g. 1 hour).  




  1.  Send the message.


  1.  Repeat steps 5 - 8 until done.  


Step 6 will change with each group of sends, examples can be seen below.  For the second group click 'Add Field' so there are two conditions to the search.  The first condition is Contact ID > Greater than > 30000 (notice i changed this from 30001 so that we catch that exact number).  The second condition is Contact ID > Less than > 60001.  




The Last group will be Contact ID > Greater than > 90000.  You should remove the second field.  The reason you don't want a range for this is that if your contact ID list doesn't follow exact numbering you won't miss any people.  




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