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Sell more and spend less with Shopify

When you connect your Shopify store you can automate repetitive tasks with powerful, personalised automation, stylish templates, and impressive reporting features.


Please note:

  • Your Shopify store must be set up and running before you can connect it to your account.
  • After an initial import we'll continue to keep your customers synchronised with your lists so you don't have to worry about importing before your next newsletter send.

 To get your Shopify store connected, all you need to do is the following : 

  1. Click integrations on the left side.
  2. You will see the Shopify integration shown here.  Click the 'connect' button on it.
  3. You will be presented some additional information regarding the integration


    Click on the 'Add Shop' button

  4. You will be asked to paste in your Shopify shop URL.


    At this point you can open a new tab in your browser and navigate to your Shopify shop.  Copy the URL from the URL bar, come back to the previous tab and paste it in then click 'connect'.

  5. You will be shown some options for connecting your store, which you can setup as you like : 


  6. Once your settings are chosen, after a short time, the shop will show as connected : 


Now that your store is connected you will want to setup an automation to send out abandoned cart emails.


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