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Most email clients have a safe senders list. It's like a whitelist of all the senders you deem safe to send mail straight to your inbox. You may add family members to safe senders or even important email you receive from businesses you trust.

Your Safe Senders List is managed by you, within the email program you use to receive your email such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo. The Safe Senders list can be easily updated based on your preferences and by default, emails that you add to your own personal address book are usually considered safe and will not be re-routed to your junk mail folder.

Adding a sender to your Safe Senders list is a one time task and is usually done by adding the sender to your address book and making them as a trusted sender.

Here are the common email clients used by individuals as per the Email Market share provided by Litmus

Generally there are a few things that your recipients can do as listed below.

Gmail (desktop and mobile)

  1. Mark the mail as Not Spam. Open the spam folder and click or tap (mobile) the message followed by clicking 'Not Spam'

  2. Add your 'From' email address to their address book. Open the contact list, click or tap New Contact, and type the address.

Gmails support page has further information on Gmail and its broader functionality.

Apple Mail - Desktop / Mobile

  1. Send future email to the inbox by teaching the Apple Mail filter. Simply open the junk folder, find the message and move it to the inbox.
  2. Add your 'From' email address to their address book. Open the email, right-click the sender's email address, and select 'Add to Contacts' or 'Add to VIP'.

    For Mobile devices, simply Open the email, tap the From address and click 'Create New Contact'.

For more detailed instructions and user support on Apple Mail, please visit the Apple Mail Support Page.


  1. Mark the email as Not Junk by clicking the 'Junk' Drop down and selecting 'Not Junk'

  2. Add your 'From' email address to their address book. Simply click Contacts on the Home Tab in the New group, click 'New contact'

Full office support is available online here

  1. Mark the email as Not Junk by right clicking the message and selecting 'Not Junk' from the menu.

  2. Add to Safe Senders list. Click the Gear icon on the top right followed by Options and on the left menu select 'Safe Senders'

For further information, please refer to support documentation


  1. Mark the email as Not Spam by heading to the Spam folder, right clicking the email and selecting Not Spam or selecting the message and clicking Not Spam.

  2. Add the From Address to your address book by opening the email and clicking 'Add to contacts' or setup a filter to deliver all email from the From address to the Inbox.

For further information, please visit the Yahoo support page


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