Creating raw HTML and HTML only email types - Image Paths Follow

There are two message types available in the system which can handle custom HTML imports : 

  • raw HTML
  • HTML only

When uploading custom HTML, the pathing for any images that are included could be set to a local machine or hosted elsewhere on the internet.

Uploading images which have been used in the email to your account and then in turn updating the pathing in the HTML can be a tedious task.  This has been eliminated however with the HTML image upload feature.

Using the HTML image upload feature

When you select either of the previously mentioned message types when creating a new message, you will see the following interface : 



From here, you can either browse for your file structure or drag and drop the entire folder :



The system will detect any images included in the HTML and which are also present in that folder : 



You can now click the green button to proceed to the editor.  If there are missing image files detected, the system will prompt you with a warning.



Clicking the 'view details' link on the right side will open the interface to correct this : 



If you have already uploaded those images into your file manager, and the filenames are the same as referenced in the HTML, you can use the 'auto-replace missing images' drop down box to choose the folder that those images are in.

Alternatively, you can browse for those files by using the browse button on the right, or you can click the 'choose' links and manually select the images to be used.  Using this method, you're able to choose any image, regardless of filename and it will be updated in the HTML and uploaded into the file manager.



Once you have your images sorted out, you can click the 'apply changes' button and you will be shown your updated email.


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