Using Personalised Images and Countdown Timers in Your Emails Follow

Nifty Images is one platform that makes it super easy to use personalised images and countdown timers in your emails. To get started sign up for a Nifty images account. You can sign up for a free trial to test it out after that there are costs involved and you can view their pricing here.

Once you have created a Nifty Images account, you're read to get started creating your first customisable image or count down timer.  Look for the green 'create new image or countdown' button and click it.


You will see a three choices here : 

  1. Use a template
  2. Use a custom image
  3. Create a count down timer

Lets start with using a template, so click that option.


Using a Nifty Images Template

When you click the 'choose template' button, you will be presented with a choice of templates to use.

Click on one you like.



After you have chosen a template, you will be taken to the template editor where you can start customising it.



Enter in your main text in the 'text' field and be sure to include the placeholder for the wildcard, which is {txt}.

There is a fallback value as well (default value field) which you can populate, in case your wildcard field doesn't have data for some contacts.

When you're done filling everything out, click the 'Get HTML' button.



You're almost there.  Where the snippet of HTML code is, there is 'change ESP' link in the upper right corner.  Click this and choose the provider you're using.



Once you have chosen, your place holder you entered in the previous steps will be replaced.  Now you're ready to copy that HTML snippet.

Once you have it copied, open up the message you're working on in your email marketing account. Double click inside a text area or click the 'edit text' button, so it enters edit mode.



Once you're in edit mode, click the blue 'HTML' button in the blue toolbar floating up above.



This will open up the HTML (source code) for that text area.  This is where you paste in the HTML snippet you copied out of your Nifty Images account just previously.



Once you have done this, click the green 'Update' button in the lower left corner.



Your message containing your Nifty Image is now ready to test.  Simply send this message to a list in your account which has a field name matching the wildcard that is showing in the message.  In this case, %%first_name%%.


Hey presto!  An image that has been customised to the recipient!

Using a Custom Image

Of course you can also use your own images to create a Nifty Image graphic.  Lets try this out!  Go back to your dashboard in your Nifty account and click the green 'create new image or countdown' button again.

This time click the middle option.



After click the 'Start Creating' button, you will be taken to image selector.  If you have uploaded images previously, they will be shown here.  If you have not, you will need to click the 'upload image' button in the bottom right corner.  Make sure the image you choose isn't too big, as this can cause problems for people when they receive the email have to download a very large image.



Once you have uploaded your image, it will appear in the grid of squares.  Click on it!

You will be taken to the editor where you can enter in your text and other preferences in to the options panel on the left side.  You can also move your text around on your image by clicking and dragging.



Once you have setup your text as you want it, Click the green 'save' button on the lower left side.

You will be taken to a screen very similar to the one you were shown previously when using a template. Copy the HTML snippet and use it the same way as earlier, when using the template snippet.



Creating a Count Down Timer

Lastly, Nifty Images allows you to create a dynamic count down timer which you can include in your email sends.  To get started creating one, you choose the third option on the right side.


After clicking 'Create Timer' you will be taken to a template selection screen.



After choosing your template, you will be taken to an editor similar to the previous one.



Once you have customised the options in the left side options panel, click the green 'Save' button.



Once again, you will be given a snippet of HTML code to insert into the HTML section of one of your messages.

This concludes the Nifty Images tutorial!

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