Resending a Message to Contacts Who Did Not Open Any Specific Send From Your Account Follow

Some times you may need to resend a message to contacts that did not open it.  Following these steps, you can do this for any message that has been sent from your account in the past.

Gathering the contact information

First off, you need to find the report for the send that you want to resend the message to unopened contacts.

  1. Click reports on the left side
  2. Find the report for the specific send and double click on it
  3. In here, click on the 'Delivered' statistics located to the right of the report at the top.  


  4. When you click the delivered statistics, a box will pop up with the list of contacts in it.  Click the 'download' button in the upper right corner and the list will be downloaded as a CSV file.


  5. Now, open that downloaded file in your spreadsheet application (Excel for example) and remove all of the data, except the Email and Opened columns.  
  6. Now you want to go back to your account and click 'lists and forms' on the left side, then click 'upload contacts' on the right side.
  7. Choose 'file upload' and then process to upload into an existing list, then select the list that the message was originally sent to and click next.
  8. In this screen, click the drop-down symbol next to the 'Opened' column and create a new text field for this column.


  9. Click the 'advanced settings' link beside the import button and make sure the settings are as follows:


  10. Click save, then click import.
  11. Now, that list has been updated with the opened field populated against all of your contacts for this list.  

Resending the Message

  1. Click messages on the left side
  2. Find the message you want to resend and follow it over to the right hand side and click the 'send' button. (it looks like a paper plane)
  3. Click 'Select Contacts' from the Recipients section, select the list you're going to resend this message to and choose the option to 'Advanced Selection' and click next.


  4. In this search dialogue, set up the search to reflect the following, then click search : 


  5. Once you click search you will have isolated those specific contacts with "no" populated against them in the list.  Click 'Done' to confirm the selection. You can now press 'Send Now' if you are ready to send.  


You will have now resent that message to all of the unopened contacts for that particular message send.  If you plan on doing this again for the same list, it would be a good idea to remove the 'Opened' field from your list after going through this process, so as not to confuse the results if you go through this again in the future.

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