Add instagram, youtube, snapchat, pinterest & google plus to your email Follow

To make it easy for you to link to your favourite social media from your email, we've created a folder with different social icons for you to use. This includes Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook & Twitter.

To insert one of these icons and link to your social media profiles, see the instructions below.

  1. Edit your email message.
  2. From the right 'Content' area of the designer, click and hold on the image icon.
  3. Drag the image icon onto your email and release where you want the social icon to appear.


  4. Hover over the new image component you just placed in your email.
  5. Click the Swap Image option.


  6. This will open the file manager - at the top of the file manager, click the folder drop down menu and go to the Buttons folder.
  7. In the buttons folder, scroll through until you find your preferred social icon.
  8. Hover over the icon you want to insert and click the green Use button.


  9. The social icon will now appear in your email template - Click the icon once to select it, so it has a dotted black border around it : 


  10. The image settings will open up in the right settings panel of your email designer - click the link chain icon in the settings.


  11. Type or paste the URL of your social profile.
  12. Click the Insert button.


  13. Click the Save button to save the changes to your email template.
  14. Repeat the process above for any other social icons you want to put into your email template.

If you want to allow recipients to share your email on their own Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page, check out our article on how to do this.

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