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If you're reading this page it's probably because we've emailed you to let you know that your account has been suspended.

Why is my account suspended?

Email programs, ISP's and anti-spam organisations continually monitor our send activity for any red flags. If they see these red flags they may delay or stop our email delivery. 

We monitor the sending activity through our system for any of these red flags, which is why we may suspend your account while we investigate further. This is to insure that no further issues occur during the investigation which could harm your sender reputation, or the sender reputation of our broader client base.

Because our system utilizes shared IP address ranges, red flags on one range have the capacity to affect a large number of our clients, which is why we monitor these issues so closely.

In most instances you will receive a written warning before your account is suspended. If you didn't receive a warning, it's because one of your email campaigns has received a complaint, bounce, low open or unsubscribe rate which is considered excessive by industry standards, or because your use of our product has breached our terms and conditions. In this instance, you should receive an email shortly notifying you of the suspension and any information we require from you.

When an account is suspended, generally the only functionality which will be restricted is sending. All other account processes will continue to work as normal (e.g. data collection, email design and API).

There are several reasons why your account may have been suspended:

  • Breach of terms and conditions
  • High complaint rate
  • High bounce rate
  • High unsubscribe rate
  • Excessively low open rates
  • Direct complaints we've received about your emails
  • No unsubscribe process or link attached to your emails

How can I get my account unsuspended?

If your account is suspended then we have already emailed you (or the account administrator) about the issue with instructions on how to proceed.

However, if you would like further information on how to avoid any future account suspensions, we have listed some recommended reading below.

Once we have received the information requested from you, we will review and advise you of an outcome by email within 2 business days.

In some instances where we have evidence of a gross breach of our terms and conditions your account may be deactivated immediately and you may not receive written notice from us.

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