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Have you imported HTML code from an email designer, but the code doesn't seem to be working correctly for you? 

While we always try our best to help resolve issues with custom HTML, the steps below will help you to reach the fastest possible solution.

Step One - Contact the email designer

It's always best to take the code straight back to the person who created it, if you're having problems with the email. 

The designer will have the most knowledge of the code and how to troubleshoot any issues you're experiencing.

Step Two - Search online forums for the answer

If your email designer is unavailable or unable to help, you might like to try searching for similar noted issues online. We always find online forums useful for troubleshooting HTML issues. 

Step Three - Provide lots of information

If your email designer was unable to help you and you couldn't find the answer online, the next step is to submit a request to our support team.

While we can't always successfully troubleshoot custom HTML issues, we will try our hardest to find a resolution for you.

Information you might like to submit to us includes:

  1. Your account ID
  2. The name of the message
  3. Screenshots of the issue (if possible)
  4. A detailed explanation of what is occurring and when (e.g. the issue occurs only when the message is sent and received to the inbox)
  5. If the issue occurs only when sent, please let us know what type of email client you are using (e.g. Outlook 2016,, Gmail)
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