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If you're reading this page it's probably because you've received a warning from us for a recent email send.

Why might I received a warning?

If you have received a written warning from us then the email you received will contain information about why are have received the warning.

There are several reasons why you might receive a warning from us:

  • Breach of terms and conditions
  • High complaint rate
  • High bounce rate
  • High unsubscribe rate
  • Excessively low open rates
  • Direct complaints we've received about your emails
  • No unsubscribe process or link attached to your emails

What should I do when I receive a warning?

When you receive a warning from us you should make all reasonable attempts to ensure that the issue is resolved.

You might like to read through our general compliance tips, as well as our article on managing bounces, complaints, low open rates & unsubscribes. These articles will provide you with some next steps to take to resolve the issue.

We understand that even legitimate senders will receive bounces, complaints, unsubscribes or low open rates from time to time. Provided you are doing the right thing, do not be alarmed if you receive a first warning from us. 

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