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While using internal anchors used to be considered best practice, this is no longer the case. New best practice suggests that the best thing to do with lengthy emails is to keep your articles short and link off to the full versions, hosted on separate web pages.

Part of the reason internal anchors are no longer considered best practice is that they're just not supported by email clients across the board. In fact, most people who view your email on their mobile won't be able to use them.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you don't use internal anchors. Instead, keep your content short and snappy, and link off to full content if need be on a separate web page. 

If inserting an Internal Anchor or Table of Contents is something that you still want to do, you might like to first consider if the majority of your subscribers will get any use from them. You can do this by looking at what email clients people use. If a lot of your readers use a mobile device, it's safe to assume they can't use internal anchors.

How to determine what types of email clients your recipients use:

To determine what types of email clients or mail apps your readers are viewing your messages on, please refer to your Device Split found on your reports by following these steps:

  1. Click 'Reports' up the top
  2. Select a report on a send to the same list you plan to send this message to
  3. Click to 'View' the stats
  4. Click to view the 'Device Split' for both Desktop and Mobile

  5. Note the types of Desktop and Mobile devices that are being used by your recipients to view your messages and test your message with anchors across these devices

Please Note: As internal anchors and table of contents are not compatible across the majority of mobile devices, if your recipients are mainly viewing in these types of devices it would not be recommended to use these types of links in your messages.

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