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Do you want to segment your contact list so that you can target specific groups of contacts in your email or SMS marketing? This article will step you through how to upload your contact list so you can effectively target your marketing efforts to the right contacts.

1. Get your list ready

Using a program like Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office, open your spreadsheet of contact data.

You should have the regular customer fields, like name, email address and phone number included. You might also already have some fields you can use to segment / target your customers, like: Country, State, Previous Product Purchases etc.

If you don't already have those targeting fields, you can add them at this stage. Your spreadsheet should end up looking something like this:

If you have contacts who need more than one selection in a target field (like 'Previous Products Purchased') you would set these up in your spreadsheet as comma separated values:

Once your list is ready, save it to your computer.

2. Upload your list to your email marketing account

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Contacts from the navigation bar on the left
  3. Click Import Contacts from the option on the right
  4. Choose the File Upload option
  5. Click the Browse button
  6. Select the file from your computer and click Open
  7. Already have an existing list you want to update? Choose which one you want to update. Is this going to be a new contact list in your account? Choose to create a new list, then give the list a name.

  8. Click the green Next button
  9. Check the advanced settings default options meet your requirements or update and save as required
  10. Confirm that the changes may affect your account billing per month. 


  11. Click the green Finish Importing button

3. Convert your target fields for easy searching

Congratulations! You've now uploaded your list. To make life easier for you when you target your contacts during sending, we're now going to convert the target fields.

  1. Go to Lists and Forms from the navigation bar on the left
  2. From those available, select the list that you just uploaded / updated
  3. From the Actions menu at the bottom of the page choose Edit Forms
  4. On the right side of the page, there should be a list of fields. Next to one of your target fields (e.g. State), click the pencil icon to access the field settings:

  5. When the settings window appears click the Convert option at the top

  6. From the 'Convert Field to:' drop down, choose one of the following: Dropdown Field, Radio buttons, Checkboxes. Checkbox fields allow you to have multiple selections for a customer (eg. perfect when you may want to choose more then one segment like for State).
  7. Tick the option to 'Automatically create Field Values from the content in this List'
  8. Click the Convert button
  9. Then click the main Save button in the top right corner of the page

Repeat steps 4-9 above for all fields that you will use for segmenting or targeting your contacts in the list.

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