Using a third party application to create your own buttons Follow

Are you looking to create a button for your email message and found that the look of our default buttons are not quiet right for you? Maybe you have strict corporate guidelines to follow and require buttons to be of a certain colour or shape? 

I am here to show you that it is very easy to create the button your want looking the way you want by using a third party image editor program like Paint.

Creating a button using Paint

To create a button using Paint, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the 'Paint' program that is on your computer (or another image editing program if preferred)
  2. Using the 'Shapes' select the shape you want your button to be (or create a custom shape).

    In the example below I have chosen to create a rectangle shaped button.

  3. Once you have drawn the rectangle (or other required button shape) then adjust the thickness of the outline as required

  4. Select the colour you want the button to be (or add a custom colour to use)

  5. Using the 'Fill' tool, fill your rectangle with your chosen colour

  6. Click the 'A' icon to add text to this purple rectangle

  7. Crop the button from the canvas in Paint by selecting just your button design then clicking the 'Crop' option

  8. If you know what size you want your button to be you can resize it as required

  9. Save your new button and upload into your chosen folder in the Files and Images Manager ready for use in your message


  10. Once you have placed the button in your message, simply place the link required on the button image.

If you have not yet tried to edit one of the blank default buttons available inside the system, please feel free to check out this article for steps.

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