Line height & spacing Follow

You can easily adjust the text in your email by using the Default Fonts feature in your account. 

If you don't know what Default Fonts is, check out this article to find out more. 

To adjust the line height of your email:

  1. Go to 'Messages'.
  2. Select the message and choose 'Edit' from the Actions menu.
  3. On the right side of the page, open the 'Design' tab.
  4. Scroll down till you find the 'Default Fonts' section and open it.


  5. Within default fonts, adjust the 'Line Height' setting by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting a new value. 

Changing the line height value will quickly adjust the text spacing throughout your entire email. 

Please note: If the majority of your recipients use Outlook to view their emails on, then we would recommend leaving the line-height setting at the 'Default' height option due to the formatting issues that can occur in older Outlook 2003/2010 versions.

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