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Have you ever seen your email message, mostly hidden behind a "View entire message" link, in Gmail?
This happens because the size of the HTML in your message has exceeded 102 kilobytes!  If this is something you'd like to fix, read on to find out how.

How to fix this issue :

Since Gmail "clips" emails larger than 102 KB, not including any images, optimising the HTML of your message is the way to go.  

So to prevent Gmail from cutting off part of your email, all you need to do is make your HTML document as light as possible.
  • If there are comments in the HTML of your message, remove them.  These take up space and pad out the size of the file.

  • It is a similar story for tabs, double spaces and white spaces in your code.

Removing these from your HTML will help to optimise the code and reduce the file size.

Online tools

Going through these processes to reduce the size of your HTML file can be time consuming and not everyone is able to do this.  Luckily there are a multitude of online tools which can expedite this process for you!

Text Fixer
HTML minifier
HTML compressor
Mini Web Tool

My Email is still larger than 102 KB!

If you're unable to get your HTML file under 102 KB, then we recommend taking the following steps :
  • Include a link to the online version of your email, at the very top the document. This way, recipients can immediately see this.
  • Include an unsubscribe link at the top of your emails. This way, recipients can click this easily and may mitigate the number of emails that get marked as junk or spam. 


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