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To track links in your emails using Google Analytics there are two ways you can accomplish this:

  1. By setting up the link tracking within the system using our Google Analytics integration; OR
  2. By setting up the link tracking directly in the Google Analytics product

To track links in your email in the Google Analytics product, first head to Google Analytic's URL builder:

Website URL: This is the link that you want to track
Campaign Source: EmailMarketing (for example)
Campaign Medium: It would be Email in this instance
Campaign term: Not required
Campaign Content: Not required
Campaign Name: Name of the campaign

Once you fill this out, it will give you a new link that includes the Google Analytics tracking info, it will look something like this:

Once you have this URL, you can just insert it, including all of the analytics tracking info into your message and it will be tracked both by our system, and Google Analytics.

Please note: If required you could also track link clicks from a Form by adding similar Google Analytic code to a Paragraph Component of a Form and Saving your changes.

With that said, we also have an integration with Google Analytics built-in where you can set this up within the system and have the tracking reported through your Google Analytics account. If you wish to check out how easy it is to do within the system, please refer here.

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