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OK so you know what a Subscribe form does. An Update Profile Form well that's easy. An Unsubscribe Form well that's an important one. But what is a Send to Friend Form?

A Send to Friend form is simply a form that you can link to inside of an email message to offer a better means to Forward through your email to a friend.

Why is the Send to Friend form better to use the a 'Forward' from your inbox?

  1. No need to wonder if the Forward button will break your HTML formatting: Your recipient simply completes the form with the details of whom they would like your message to be sent onto and the system will automatically trigger a new copy of your message from your account to your recipient's friend for Free.
  2. Basic Reporting: If a recipient clicks your Send to Friend link from your email message, this will be reflected in your reports. If a recipient uses the Forward button from their inbox, then you would never know if your readers think your content is good enough to share with their friends.

For further information on Send to Friend Forms, I would recommend for you to take a look at the article called 'Send to Friend Form restrictions'.

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