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Some of our templates come with in-built horizontal line images. When you customise your email, you might decide that you would like different coloured lines. If you do, this article will help you create those within the editor. 

Creating horizontal lines quickly and easily

Please find below the steps and screenshots to assist you with creating horizontal lines in your emails quickly easily.

  1. Edit your message.
  2. From the right side of the page, click and drag the 'Text' box underneath the first component of your email.

  3. Double click where it says 'Double click here to add content'.
  4. Highlight all the text and delete it. The text box will now be empty.
  5. Click outside the text box (so you are taken out of edit mode).
  6. Click the blank text box again just once, so it has a black dashed border around it.

  7. On the right side of the page, under 'Settings', type '10' into the bottom space field.

  8. Still on the right side of the page, under the 'Content' heading, set the background colour to grey (or whatever colour you like).
  9. Again, still on the right side of the page, under the 'Content' heading, change the number in the 'Padding' field to 1. 

  10. Under the 'Advanced' settings, change the column colour to white (or whatever the background colour of your components above and below is).

  11. Now, hover over the newly created line that you have in your email, and click the 'Duplicate' button.
  12. Duplicate again and again - as many times as you need! When you have finished duplicating, you will have a whole bunch of horizontal lines stacked one on top of the other.

  13. Click one of the horizontal lines once, so that the black dashed border appears.
  14. Once the line is selected, click the small down arrow in the top right corner of the editor. Clicking the down arrow will move the line down your email, and you can keep clicking until the horizontal line is underneath your next article down.

  15. Repeat for each line until you have a horizontal line underneath each article.

  16. Click 'Save' when completed.

Removing Horizontal Lines

Removing these lines is simple.  Just hover your mouse over the component and click the delete button on the grey tool bar that will appear below.


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