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Some of our templates come with in-built horizontal line images. When you customise your email, you might decide that you would like different coloured lines. If you do, this article will help you create those within the editor. 

Creating horizontal lines quickly and easily

Please find below the steps and screenshots to assist you with creating horizontal lines in your emails quickly easily.

  1. Edit your message.
  2. From the right side of the page, click and drag the 'Spacer' box underneath the first component of your email.


  3. The spacer should already be selected with a black dotted border around it.  If it isn't click it once.


  4. On the right side of the page, under 'Settings', you have options to set the height, background colour and padding of the spacer.


  5. You can set these options to values that you like, to match your email design.



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