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One of the most important things when designing or editing any message is to Save it. If this is not done the time spent working on this will be lost and there is nothing we all hate more then realizing all the work we have done is now lost due to a timeout or drop out caused by technology (eg. internet drop out) or accidental closure of the document by human error (we have all done this at one stage or another).

This is why we recommend to always remember the importance of saving the message, may it be:

  • Saving your work to a new message you have started working on; Or
  • Saving an existing message as New so to edit it without loosing any prior work or the prior version that has been sent.

Below I have listed out the main options for Saving with their definitions:

  1. Save: If you have just created a message for the very first time, this will be the only option available to you:


  2. Save as New: If you are editing an existing message it is always recommended to save it as a new version before making any changes. This way, you can be sure not to accidentally save over the existing version plus are sure to not loose any changes if you get called away from your desk and experience a time out of some kind. This option is found by clicking the down arrow beside the Save button.
  3. Save as Template: If you have created a great design for your message that you wish to use as a template for future messages, please select this option which is found by clicking the down arrow beside the Save button. (for further information please refer this Article called 'Creating and Saving a message as a template')
  4. Revert Unsaved Changes: This option is exactly as it sounds. If you have made a bunch of changes and decide to not save these, you can click this button to revert back to the original version you were editting. This option is found by clicking the down arrow beside the Save button.


If you find that you go to save your message and no 'Save as New' option appears. Unfortunately this means there has been some kind of Time out / Drop out and therefore at this point you would only have available to you to:

  • Save & Exit
  • Save as a new message
  • Save as template
  • Revert unsaved changes
  • Exit without saving

This is why the Save as New option is one of the most important options to begin with as it is better to be save (safe) then sorry!

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