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The best way to get started is to create and send yourself an email. But the system does a whole lot more than that!

Check out this video to learn how you can promote your business with email, sms and social. As well as how to get more customers with forms and save time with automation. 


Here is a list of what will be covered in the above video (click to skip ahead):

Learn more about the 3 main ways to promote your business using the system.

Promoting your Business with Email

Whether you run a small business from your home office or you are part of a large organisation, email is a powerful and cost effective way to get your message to your target audience. 

It's incredibly quick and simple to create your first email in the system. We even have free designed templates with fully licensed stock images for you to customise and use. 

Promoting your Business with SMS

If you didn't already know, the email marketing system also allows you to easily send SMS to the contacts in your list who have mobile numbers. It's super easy to create an SMS in the system, and it's a really great way to send a message about an event, such as an appointment reminder. 

Promoting your Business with Social

Promoting your business on your social network can be a really great way to convert lurkers into subscribers. The email marketing system allows you to post an update to your social network which gives your followers access to the email that you sent from the system. If you couple this with putting a form on your Facebook page, there is a good chance you will capture some new subscribers with little extra effort on your part.

You can even offer social followers an incentive to subscribe, such as letting them know about special deals which you might only offer to your subscribers. 

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