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Are you planning to run an event where you would like to capture attendee's into your email marketing database? It's a great idea, because it can really improve your attendee's opinion of your event by increasing their interaction with your company before, during, and after the event.

Here are some idea's that you could achieve by collecting attendee's details when they register for an event:

  • Send them a reminder email prior to the event with useful information like where to park or the nearest public transport options. 
  • Set up a virtual SMS number that attendees can send questions to during the event. These questions can be sent straight through to your experts mobile number that would be added to the system from Eventbrite, so they can answer straight away.
  • Send delegates an email after the event to thank them for attending. You could link to a feedback form in the email to ask them for their feedback on your event. You might even get some great testimonials to use for your next event or on your website!

So now that you know the benefits of collecting attendee details in the Vision6 marketing system, let's get started with how to set it up.

To set this up you will require a Vision6 Account, an Eventbrite Account, and a Zapier Account. In this article we assume you have already set up all 3 Accounts and will step you through how to set up an example event in Eventbrite.

Vision6 API Key

You will also require your Vision6 API Key to connect these with. To generate your Vision6 API Key, please refer to this link.

Set up the event in Eventbrite

The first thing you will need to do is set up your event in Eventbrite. If you aren't ready to make your event public, that's okay. You can set it to private in Eventbrite, which I show you further down.

  1. Go to Eventbrite.
  2. Click the blue 'Create Event' button.

  3. Fill out the important event details like the name of the event, the date, and the location.

  4. Choose your ticket type (free, paid, or donation), and then fill out the other details for your tickets (e.g. how many can attend?).

  5. Fill out the additional settings - this is where you can make your event private if you don't want it to be publicly available just yet.

  6. Click the green 'Make Your Event Live' button.

Create the integration in Vision6

Now that you have your event set up in Eventbrite, head over to Vision6 and log into your account.

  1. Go to 'Integrations' from the main navigation bar on the left.
  2. Click the 'Connect' button for the Zapier option.

  3. Go to the 'Event Management' category and click on the Eventbrite logo.

  4. Now click on the orange button which says 'Explore what's possible with Vision6 + Eventbrite'.

  5. Now choose what sort of Zap you want to set up. I used the one to 'Add Contact from New Attendee'.

  6. Once you have done that, step two of the Zapier integration will be 'Connect an Eventbrite account'. If you are already logged into your Eventbrite account in your browser, it should automatically show up for you.

  7. You will then need to authenticate and allow the connection.

  8. Now you will need to do the same thing, but for your Vision6 account. At this stage, you can also test both accounts to make sure they are connected and working.

  9. Choose the Eventbrite event that you want to bring your attendee's across from, then press the orange 'Continue' button.

  10. Choose what data you want to bring from Eventbrite to your Vision6 registrations database.

  11. Test your new integration.

  12. Name and turn the Zap integration on.

Now your integration has been successfully set up! You can now invite people to attend your event, and they will be automatically stored in your Vision6 contact list also. 

If you would like to invite people using your Vision6 email template, you can get the invitation link from your Eventbrite dashboard and link to this from your Vision6 email.

If you'd like to know more about the options I mentioned at the top of this post, such as sending a reminder before the event or setting up a text line for questions during the event, please submit a support request with us. 

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