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Wearable technology is set to add a new level of interaction with email which could impact email marketers significantly.

Giving users the ability to sort, prioritise and delete emails at a cursory glance, wearable tech will have significant ramifications on email marketing in terms of the way it will affect recipient behaviour.

Having much smaller displays (on average 3.98cm) than smartphones or tablets, the current range of devices from Samsung, Apple, Motorola will force marketers to rely on pre-header text and subject lines to snag their audiences during this short window of time where users glance at an email and decide what to do with it.

Having a limited number of characters for pre-header text, marketers will need to go back to ensuring their subject lines and pre-header messages are grabbing the users attention and influencing them to not sort it for deletion.

There is talk that emails will revert to plain text, as that is what these devices currently display, however not enough is really known about what later generations of devices will cater for.
Responsive design on wear-ables, is a long way away as the technology is still in its infancy and not much is known about the future support it will need.

Currently, tracking for users interacting with email through this new technology is not available, the same goes for ROI metrics.

How should I design my email to be friendly to wearable devices?

  1. Keep everything as simple as possible
  2. Limit the use of images, plain text would be best
  3. Limit your use of large images and images with large file sizes
  4. Use catchy and effective subject lines
  5. Utilise pre-header text and have the most important text contained there

Until the technology is more widespread and developed, the scope of what can be done will remain fairly limited.  


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