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Having a page with the important details of your event or competition is important. People need all the details before they decide if they are going to register.

Most of you may simply send out an email with these details, but what if you wish to embed the form online? Creating a full event page using the forms feature can help here to provide this valuable information and a means to register all within the one place.

How would you set up something like this you may ask? Simply by following these steps below:

  1. Go to 'Lists and Forms' and select one to edit. In this example we are using one called 'Event Registrations':


  2. Once you choose to 'Edit Forms' in a list, you will be taken to the form editor, where you will be able to start customizing your form for your event or competition. You can customize the look of your form by choosing themes, or selecting your own colors:

  3. If you need to add more fields to your form, such as a comments field to collect dietary requirements, you can do so by clicking the 'Add New Fields' button on the right side of the form editor:



  4. Once you have your form right, you can use the text area at the top of the form to customize and make it look like a full events page. Just hover over the area that says 'Register for event' with your mouse, and click the 'Edit' option which appears.

  5. Setting a form up as an events page usually includes inserting a title, the important details of the event, and perhaps linking to a couple of areas where the registrants can find further information or resources. In my example below, I've linked to the accommodation website and also a sample menu for people to browse before they sign up:

    If you've hosted past events which are similar, you could even link to some previous photo's / video's / testimonials which will show the registrant how much fun they will have or how much they will learn at your event.

  6. Once you are happy with your events page, make sure you save your changes. You are now ready to place the events page and form on your website or link to it from an email blast you will send out about the event:

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