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For a lot of customers that I speak to, there seems to be a certain level of anxiety experienced before sending an email to their database. With this in mind, I’ve compiled the checklist below in the hopes that it takes some of the dreaded anxiety out of your send process.


Item to Check


(Yes / No)



Check for spelling and grammatical errors.




Send a test of the email to yourself and your colleagues; include a personal email address as well as your work email.




Does your email have a call to action?


Is your subject line engaging / informative?


Have you set your pre-header text to further engage the recipient?




Do you have a working from and reply-to address? Don’t use a ‘noreply’ email.


Are the sender and company details in your email footer set up correctly?


Do all of the links point to the correct locations and open in new windows (if required)?


Are all of the images correct?


Do all of the images have working ALT text for recipients who don’t view images?


Are all components of the email formatted correctly once sent, and when viewed online?


Does your unsubscribe link work?


Do your wildcards all work?


Does all conditional content work?




Have you run a spam check in the system?


Have you run an email test in the system?


Have you conducted an A/B test?




Have you completed all internal approval processes?




Do you have the correct list set for sending?


If applicable, have you scheduled your message for the correct date and time?


If you found the above helpful, head over to our blog and check out the awesome post on how to ‘Get rid of send anxiety once and for all’.

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