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The system is an Email Marketing Platform with some added helpful features, from time to time we are asked "What features do we provide reporting on?"

The simple answer to this is that the system provides reporting on:

  1. Individual Sends; and
  2. Individual Contacts

The reporting on Individual Sends includes the statistics on:

  • Email sends from the system including the recipients interactions with these emails (for further information please see the 'Reports Overview' article)
  • SMS sends - excluding the 'Quick SMS' option that does not provide Reporting (for further information please see the 'SMS Reporting' article)
  • Social Interactions with the Social Sharing / Like / Update options provided inside of sent emails (for further information please see the 'Social Report' article)
  • Automated Sends from Campaigns set up under the Automation menu (for further information please see the 'Automation Reports' article)

The reporting on Individual Contacts includes:

  • The Details of that contact (including list, date joined, contact id, etc)
  • The Messages that contact has been sent (including when and if it was opened, bounced, etc)
  • Any Notes that you may want to store on that contact (eg. phone convos, etc)
  • For information on how you can access this for a contact, please refer the 'View and Edit Contacts' article.

What about Forms you might ask?

Forms are purely designed to collect data, the system does not provide statistical data on these forms. But depending on the level and the type of data you are after, one of the below options might help:

  1. If you wanted to see the percentage of recipients that completed a survey you can compare links clicked vs opened
  2. If you want to drill into specific data you could try exporting the collected results to Excel (or a similar program) to calculate the required statistics
  3. If you want to track a link click from a form you could add in some Google Analytics to a Paragraph Component of a Form
  4. If the data we collect does not provide you the information required to determine your required statistics another option is to use a third party form provider that does offer those types of statistics and integrate your account with your chosen form

If after looking over this article you still have some questions on what the system does and does not provide reporting on, please feel free to submit a ticket and discuss this with a Support Consultant.

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