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If you are looking to create an online archive of your monthly newsletters then you can do so quiet easily by following these below steps with the help of the person that manages your website.

Make your archive

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Select the first message you wish to archive on your website
  3. Click Preview to the right - a new window will open up


  4. From the preview window you can copy the online link


  5. Edit your website (or get your website developer to do this if you don't have access) and type in the month and the year of that message
  6. Turn that month and year into a link with the URL address you collected from the preview window
  7. Repeat for other messages that you wish to archive online

Important things to note

  1. If the message is deleted from your account this will break the link on your website. Therefore we recommend you create a folder in your account called 'Online Archived Messages - Do not Delete' (or something similar) then move your messages into that folder

  2. If an image or a file that is used inside one of these messages is deleted then this image or file will not display correctly. Therefore we recommend to also move these into an 'Archive - Do not Delete' folder in your file manager.

  3. If a message has a form linked inside the message and this is deleted, this link will also not function as desired so you might like to archive them in a folder in your account too.
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