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If you'd like to create a short version of your message which has read more links to the longer version, but only to the relevant article of that longer version, then the instructions in this article are for you. This article is useful for people who don't want to create a separate message or landing page for each and every article of their email. 

Part One - Applying names to your long message:

1. Go to Messages
2. Edit the long version of your message
3. For the first section/ article, edit the text area or the title area of that paragraph (if you are using a title area)
4. From the floating tool bar, click the small blue 'HTML' icon


5. At the very start of all the code, press enter twice to give yourself some room, and then put your cursor back to the top
6. Type in the following code exactly: <a name="section1"></a>

7. Click the 'Update' button
8. Now go to the next section, edit it, and again, click the 'HTML' icon from the tool bar
9. Edit the code again, the same as above, but increment the section number by one, e.g: <a name="section2"></a>
10. Repeat for every section in the long email
11. Click 'Save' in the top right corner

Part Two - Linking to those sections:

1. Go to 'Messages'.
2. Click once on the long version message.
3. Click 'Preview'.
4. Copy the 'Online URL' from the preview screen, just underneath the subject line. I recommend pasting it somewhere like word or notepad so you keep it through this process.
5. Edit the short version message.
6. Find the link to the first section of your long email, and highlight it.
7. Click the 'Insert link' icon from the floating tool bar.
8. Select 'External website' from the drop down, remove whatever is in the 'URL' field, and then paste the link to your long message.
9. At the end of the URL, with no spaces, type in exactly: #section1
10. Name your link whatever is the name for your first article.
11. Click the 'Insert' button.
12. Repeat steps 6-11 for each link to the long version message, but making sure that each time you type the article name, you are incrementing the section number by 1, e.g:
13. When finished, save the message and test it.

Hopefully this article helps you link to various sections of one long message. If you still require assistance after reading, please submit a request to our customer success team.

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