Sending to Duplicates Follow

Have you got an email that you wish to send to all the Duplicates in your list?

Maybe you have some parents that have subscribed their children to your list via their email address and individual names to receive a special school book offer?

What ever the reason may be for your interest in sending to duplicates, this is possible to do from the system after you make a change to a default setting. To do this, please:

  1. Go to 'Lists'
  2. Select the list in question and double click on it
  3. Click the little 'details' button (it has a cog icon on it)
  4. Tick the check box to 'allow delivery to duplicate addresses'
  5. Then 'Save' your changes to the list

For a screenshot of this location and steps on Allowing Duplicates to Signup via a form, please refer to this support article.

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