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There could be many reasons why you might want to update an existing list with new data. Some examples of this are listed below :

  • You might like to start sending to a Segment of your list and wish to add in the segmentation criteria;
  • You might like to merge lists together and create a Subscription field to determine which lists the contact is subscribed to;
  • You might be running an event outside of the system and wish to update the list with the details on whether your contacts are attending or not; OR
  • You might simply be wanting to add new contacts to an existing list

No matter what your reason is for updating data in your existing list, you can very easily complete this process by completing a Bulk Upload just with a twist.

What's the twist, you may ask?

Well that's simple :

  • You would only want the fields you want added to the system (or updated) and an identification field (eg. Email Address) in the list that you would bulk upload into your existing list. So anything in this list which doesn't need to be added or updated should be removed from the list so to save on errors when attempting to match fields.
  • If you are adding a New Field to the list in the upload process you will need to click the plus (+) sign to add the new field then give it a new name
  • You must ensure that you open up the 'Advanced Settings' in Step 4 of 4 to ensure that the option to update this data based on 'Email Address' field (or what ever the identification field is eg. Customer number)

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